Friday, March 1, 2013

Puerto Rican Cookbook App for Android

       Puerto Rican Cookbook App 
Puerto Rican Cuisine is a unique, tasty blend of African, Spanish, Taíno Indian, and American influences. Locals call their cuisine "Cocina Criolla".
Cook Puerto Rican food like a PRO.

****Send photo of your Puerto Rican plate and we will post it in the APP*****

Pueto Rican Cookbook
Do you know, one of the hardest to find food is REAL Puerto Rican food?
Enjoy Features Like:
-History of Puerto Rican Cuisine
-Lots of Original Recipes divided by categories
-Provide feedback of the recipes
-Puerto Rican ingredient dictionary.
The App includes the following Recipes:
-Asopao de Gandules
-Guineitos en Escabeche
-Arroz con Pollo
-Pollo en Fricasé –Guisado
-Arroz con Gandules
-Carne Guisada
-Bacalao Guisado

And many, many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!